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Asma Rahil

Asma Rahil

Last Updated January 27 - 2023

Chemist by Profession and Researcher.

Introduction to percent composition calculator?

Percent composition calculator with solution is an online tool that helps students and researchers of all grades to find the percent composition of an element in a compound. Before going into details like how our percentage composition calculator with steps works or finding the percent composition of a component, let's recall what percent composition was once!

This calculator helps a lot in understanding the different steps of the chemical reactions. Balance equations calculator helps a lot in calculating the chemical equations but for redox reaction, you will have to use redox balancing calculator. These tools helps you a lot in balancing chemical reactions online.

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Percent composition

Percent composition refers to the percentage of an element in a given compound. As we all know, all chemical compounds are made up of different elements. In the composition of a compound, different elements are added in different ratios. Thus, we find the percent composition of a compound to know how much amount of an element or all the elements is present in the sample.

Finding percent composition is essential for correct stoichiometric calculations. If you don't know the right percentage of each element participating in a reaction, you could not calculate the percent yield, theoretical yield, or other entities regarding different type of yields.

Unfortunately, finding the percent composition is a very long procedure. You have to consider and evaluate many values before reaching the results, such as molar mass of an element, molecular mass of the compound, etc. But thanks to the percent composition calculator with steps, it possesses the power to sort out the entire process in just a couple of seconds.

When you are dealing with percent composition in chemistry you will also need to have the understanding of the yield and its types. For calculating yields, we offer reaction yield calculator and percent yield calculator with steps. These calculators helps a lot in understanding the yield and allows you to get accurate results on run time as they save a lot of the time we spend on doing manual calculations.

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How does the percentage composition calculator work?

This mass percent composition calculator utilizes a complete method to calculate percent composition. This method comprises the following steps

Percent composition = molar mass of an element/molecular mass of the compound

  1. First, it calculates the number of atoms of each element present in the compound(Ni). After this, it calculates the total number of elements (N-atoms).
  2. Secondly, the calculator divides the Ni of each element by Natoms. After doing so, it figures out the atom percent by atom fraction method.
  3. In the third step, the calculator finds the molar mass of each entity by multiplying Ni with its amu value. After this, molar masses of all the elements are summed up to see the molecular mass
  4. In the next step, the molar mass of each element is divided by molecular mass to find the mass fraction of all the elements.
  5. In the end, the percent composition of every element is calculated by the formula as follow.

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How to use a mass percent calculator?

To find the percent composition of one element of all the elements present in a compound, all you have to do is follow these simple steps

For example, if you type H or O in the search bar, no result will pop up. To find the atomic or molecular weight of such substances, use our atomic/molecular mass calculator. Also you can use oxidation calculator to calculate the oxidation state of the percent composition.

To learn more about oxidation state, find this useful blog.

For example, if you type CON other than CoN, the calculator will find percent composition for carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen rather than cobalt and nitrogen. Similarly, write the chemical symbols of all the elements correctly by taking care of capital and small letters.

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For example, for Ca(OH)2, you can write CaOH2. Similarly, do not add spaces since the calculator will not detect the formula in that case.

  1. Go to the search bar and type the chemical formula of the compound. Remember, since there's a clear difference between atomic mass and percentage composition, you cannot make a chemical symbol alone.
  2. While typing the chemical formula of the compound, pay special attention to lower cases and upper cases since they can alter the entire compound, ultimately, the complete result.
  3. Avoid using brackets in the search bar and type the chemical formula of the compound as without them.
  4. After inserting the right formula in the search bar, tap on the balance or calculate button. After 2-3 seconds, a specific result will be shown in front of you.

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Why should you use this percent composition by mass calculator?

Besides percent composition, you can also see the mass fraction pie chart to understand and memorize the percentage of each element in the sample.

  1. The best part about this percent composition calculator is that it not only tells you the answer, but you can also see the entire process of how it calculates the percent composition of each element.
  2. It doesn't matter whether you want to know the mass percent of one element or all the elements in the compound; this chemical calculator will show you the percent composition of all the constituents.
  3. In this way, you don't have to use any other calculator, nor do you have to waste your precious time in calculating the mass percent of each element one by one.

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We hope this percentage composition calculator with steps and its article helped you a lot in learning and understanding. There are many other useful calculators which you can use and the blogs which can benefit you.

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