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Introduction to the pH of Barium Hydroxide

pH is the measure of the acidic or basic nature of a chemical compound. It is a scale to measure the concentration of free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions present in a chemical species.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 where 7 is the neutral point. Any compound exhibiting 7 pH is said to be neutral e.g., water. A pH value less than seven indicates acidic nature and a pH value greater than seven indicates the alkaline nature of the compound.

Barium hydroxide is also a chemical compound and exhibits some pH value. Read on to know the pH value of barium hydroxide.

PH value of Barium Hydroxide

Barium hydroxide is a white crystalline powder so the pH of barium hydroxide can only be calculated in solution form. The pH value of barium hydroxide depends on the concentration of its aqueous solution.

According to the literature, the pH value of 0.10 M barium hydroxide is 13, indicating that it is a strong base. As the value on the pH scale increases from 7 to 14, the extent of basic nature also increases.

The barium hydroxide being a strong base when reacts with a strong acid such as HBr forms a neutral salt called barium bromide. Read on this blog to learn which solutions neutralize barium hydroxide.

How to Calculate the pH of Barium Hydroxide?

Let us find the pH of 0.1 M barium hydroxide solution. First, we would prepare a 0.1 M solution of barium hydroxide by adding a sufficient amount of barium hydroxide to 1 liter water. What should be the amount of barium hydroxide that is added to prepare a 0.1 M solution?

As we know

Molarity = mass / molar mass
Mass = molarity x molar mass
Mass = 0.1 mol x 171 g/mol
Mass = 17.1 g.

Here, 17.1g barium hydroxide powder is required to prepare a 0.1M Ba(OH)2 solution. Read this complete article on finding molar mass of barium hydroxide.

Following are the steps to prepare the solution

  • Take a clean round bottom flask and 200ml water in it.
  • Weigh out 17.1g barium hydroxide powder and dissolve it in a round bottom flask.
  • Now add the water up to the mark and your desired solution is ready to use.

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Take out 100ml of 0.1M barium hydroxide solution and dip the pH strip in it. The color of the pH strip is changed. Then match this changed color of the pH strip on the pH scale and you would get the pH value of the solution where the color matches on the pH scale.

You can also calculate the pH of the solution using a pH meter. Simply dip the pH meter in the solution and it would give the pH value on the digital meter.

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Theoretical Calculation

The pH value of strong bases is also calculated theoretically by first calculating the pOH value. pOH value is the concentration of free OH ions in the solution.

For example, the pH value of 0.2M barium hydroxide solution is calculated as follows

Ba(OH)2➞Ba2+ + 2OH-
Concentration of OH ions = 2 x 0.2
Concentration of OH ions = 0.4
pOH = -log [OH]
pOH = -log [0.4]
pOH = 0.4
pH = pOH – 14
pH = 14 – 0.4
pH = 13.6

The pH of 0.2M barium hydroxide solution is 13.6. Thus, the pH of a solution depends on its concentration.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the pH of Barium Bromide?

The pH of barium bromide is 7. It is a neutral salt of barium hydroxide and hydrobromic acid.

All compounds of Barium Acidic or Basic?

Most barium compounds are basic while some are neutral.

Is the barium hydroxide used in our daily life??

Barium hydroxide uses in many sectors of our daily life, for example test of sulfide, soda lime and more.

Why is the Range of pH Scale 0 to 14?

The pH values can range from negative infinity to positive infinity. Scientists have ranged the scale from 0 to 14 for ease of calculation. The acids and bases containing pH values other than 0 to 14 are refined in the laboratory to range between 0 – 14. That is why pH value depends on concentration and temperature.