Francium Element

Find elemental, thermodynamic, material, electromagnetic, atomic & nuclear properties of francium element along with reactivity and abundance.

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Francium is the eighty-seven element in the periodic table. A periodic table contains 118 elements distributed in 7 rows and 18 columns. The rows are known as periods and the columns are the groups of the periodic table. The elements of the periodic table are arranged according to their atomic number.

Basic elemental properties of Francium 

There are 118 different elements in the periodic table but there are some basic elemental properties of each. In a periodic table, elements with basic elemental properties are grouped together. Basic elemental properties of Francium  are:

Atomic Symbol of Francium 

Every element in the periodic table has its atomic symbol or chemical symbol for representation. The atomic symbol of Francium is “Fr”

Atomic Number of Francium 

Elements in the periodic table are arranged in groups and periods on the basis of their atomic number.

Atomic number is the number of protons present in the nucleus of an atom. The atomic number of Francium is 87. This shows Francium is the eighty-seven element of the periodic table.

Short Electronic Configuration of Francium 

Short Electronic Configuration of Francium is [Rn]7s1

Block of Francium in Periodic Table

There are four blocks (s, p, d, f) in the periodic table. Francium belongs to the s-block of the periodic table. S block is the first block in the periodic table.

Group of Francium in Periodic Table

Groups are the columns of the periodic table and Francium belongs to the first group.

Period of Francium in Periodic Table

Periodic table is arranged in periods and groups. The rows going across left to right are periods and Francium is placed in the seventh period. Elements that are present in a period share common properties .

Atomic Mass of Francium

Atomic mass is the mass of an atom and the atomic mass of Francium is 223 u. If we round off the atomic mass of Francium , we get 223 u.

Thermodynamic properties of Francium 

Thermodynamic properties are the characteristic features of a system, capable of specifying the system's state. The thermodynamic properties of an element include chemical, physical and thermal properties. The thermodynamic properties of Francium are:

Phase at STP

Phase at STP is the state in which an element is present. The stp phase of Francium is “Solid”.

Melting Point of Francium 

Melting point is a temperature at which an element of substance changes its state from solid to liquid. The melting point of Francium gas is 27 °C.

Boiling Point of Francium 

A boiling point is a temperature at which an element of a substance starts turning into vapors. The boiling point of Francium gas is 676.8 °C.

Molar Heat of Fusion of Francium 

Molar Heat of Fusion is the energy required to melt each mole of substance. The molar heat of fusion of Francium is 2 kJ/mol.

Molar heat of Vaporization

The Molar heat of vaporization is the heat absorbed by the one specific mole of a substance. The molar heat of vaporization of Francium gas is 65 kJ/mol.

These are some of the main thermodynamic properties of Francium . Let’s find out all the material properties of Francium .

Material properties

We have discussed basic elemental properties and thermodynamic properties of Francium gas. Besides these, there are many material properties of Francium as well. Some of the material properties include density, molar volume, refractive index and thermal conductivity.

Density of Francium 

The density of Francium element is  2.9 g/cm3

Molar Volume of Francium 

The molar volume of Francium is 77cm3/mol

These are the main material properties of Francium .

Electromagnetic properties of Francium 

When there is any emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiations, a martial responds to these changes. All elements of a periodic table have electromagnetic properties. Some of the main electromagnetic properties of Francium gas include magnetic types, magnetic volume, mass magnetic susceptibility and color.

Electric type of Francium 

The magnetic type Francium refers to the fact that it is a conductor.

Color of Francium Gas

The color of Francium gas is silver.

These are some of the main electromagnetic properties of Francium gas.

Reactivity of Francium 

Valency of Francium 

The valency of a Francium element is a number that represents the ability of an atom to combine with other atoms. The valency of Francium is 1.

Electronegativity of Francium 

Electronegativity of Francium is the tendency of its atom participating in a covalent bond to attract the bonding electrons. Francium  has 0.1 electronegativity.

First ionization energy of Francium 

It is the energy to remove the outermost electron from the neutral atom in the gas phase. The first ionization energy of Francium is 380 kJ/mol

Atomic properties

The atomic properties of Francium  have term symbol, atomic radius, covalent radius, van der waals radius.

Term Symbol of Francium 

The term symbol specifies the electronic state of an atom. The term symbol of Francium atom is 3 P0

Atomic Radius of Francium 

The total distance from an atom's nucleus to the outermost orbital of an electron is its atomic radius. The atomic radius of Francium is 260 pm.

Covalent Radius of Francium 

Covalent radius is the measurement of an atom's size that forms a covalent bond. The covalent radius of Francium is 260 pm.

Van der Waals Radius of Francium 

Van der waals radius is the measurement for the size of an atom that is not chemically bonded. The van der Waals radius of Francium is 348 pm.

Abundances of Francium 

It is the measure that tells us about the percentage of which it is present. 

Abundance of Francium in the human

The abundance of Francium in the human is 0 mass %

Human Molar Abundances of Francium 

The crust molar abundances of Francium is 0 mol %

Nuclear properties of Francium 

Half life of Francium 

Half life is the time for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value. The half Life of Francium is 22 min.

Lifetime of Francium 

The lifetime of Francium are 32 min

Decay Mode of Francium 

The decay mode of Francium is beta decay

Unstable isotopes of Francium 

The unstable isotopes of Francium is 223 (22 Min)

Specific radioactivity of Francium 

The specific radioactivity of Francium is 1.421 x 10 6 TBq/g

Identifiers of Francium 

CAS Number of Francium 

The CAS number of Francium is 7440-73-5

PubChem CID number of Francium 

The PubChem CID number of Francium is 6328145

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